How to Apply

Applicants to the MHA program should apply online through the Dartmouth MHA application portal. The first time you click through to the portal you will be prompted to create an account that will allow you to visit and modify your application until you submit the completed documentation. 

Requirements to Complete Your Application

Basic information about the applicant (e.g., address, prior schools, awards or honors, etc.) is collected in an online form in the MHA application portal.

In the academic history section of the application, you may scan and upload a copy of your academic transcript (front and back of each page) issued by the institution(s) from which you obtained your undergraduate (bachelor’s or first) degree and any advanced/graduate degrees.

Transcripts should include the following information: course names, course numbers, dates, grades (including incompletes, failed courses, and withdrawals), and grade modes (pass/fail). If you completed coursework at institutions other than the one that awarded your degree (e.g., transfer coursework, domestic or study-abroad programs, postgraduate non-degree coursework, etc.), you are required to scan and submit those transcripts as well.

For any degree earned at a foreign institution (outside the U.S./Canada), we do require an official WES evaluation to review your application. Please select the course-by-course evaluation when you visit World Education Services.

If admitted to the MHA program at Dartmouth you will be required to request that ONE official, original hardcopy transcript (mailing address below) sent directly from the registrar’s office at each college and/or university you have attended.  We will also accept an official transcript via email if that is your prior institution’s method of transcript delivery.

Master of Health Administration

Attn: Lillian Emerson

100 Tuck Hall, HB 9000

Hanover, NH 03755

Email delivery to: 

Letters must be submitted by your three (3) recommenders directly to us through the online application portal. Once you enter contact information for your recommenders in the application, instructions on how to submit their letters will automatically be emailed to them. 

Recommendation letters should come from individuals who are able to speak with certainty about your intellectual ability, communication skills, leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. If you are currently employed or in the military, we prefer that you submit recommendations from people who know you well and are in a position to judge your professional performance and leadership capacity, such as your direct supervisor. If you are applying as a recent college graduate, we suggest letters from your professors attesting to your academic abilities.  

Please contact your recommenders well in advance to give them sufficient time to write and return their evaluations by the deadline.

The personal statement is the heart of your application. The statement provides you with an opportunity to help the admissions committee gain greater insight about you as a potential member of the MHA community. Please be clear, succinct, forthright, and thoughtful in your response.

Your statement should be no more than 750 words should address the following:

Why do you want to pursue a Master of Health Administration degree and why is Dartmouth is the right school for you? 

The accelerated 1-year degree track is a rigorous academic commitment that will require approximately 32 hours of student work per week.  The admissions committee needs to understand that you have adequately considered how you’ll meet that commitment through personal efforts, employer accommodations, etc.  Please elaborate in 500 words or less how you will be able to meet this challenge amongst other personal and, if you are employed, professional commitments.

Please upload a current version of your resume into the application portal in the documents section.

There is a $100 application fee, which can be paid by credit card when you submit your application or by check made payable to The Trustees of Dartmouth College (please send checks to the address listed under "Transcripts"). The application fee is non-refundable and is not credited toward any charges when an accepted applicant registers as a student.


Strong interpersonal skills are essential for success as a leader in health care and as a member of the MHA community.  Therefore it is important for members of the admissions committee to have a chance to speak with you directly.  

Interviews will take place by invitation only. If we would like you to interview, we will contact you to schedule an interview after your application has been submitted and the admissions committee has had a chance to read your materials. At this time, all interviews for the MHA program will be done remotely through Zoom. 

Evaluating Applications

Applicants for admission to the MHA program will be evaluated on a holistic basis. It is impossible to predict a candidate's chances of admission solely by looking at his or her academic record.  Each decision by the admissions committee hinges on the interplay of four principal factors: academic excellence, leadership capability, strong interpersonal skills, and a diversity of background and experience. We also expect candidates to be comfortable (or native) English writers and speakers and to have familiarity with quantitative subjects such as statistics, which can be demonstrated through prior academic performance or professional work experience. 

A Note About False Statements

If a candidate for admission to Dartmouth makes a false statement or submits falsified material in connection with his or her application, and the misrepresentation is discovered after the candidate has been admitted, the offer of admission ordinarily will be withdrawn. If the misrepresentation is discovered after a student arrives on campus or at any time during their enrollment, the student will be subject to loss of credits earned and disciplinary action that could include separation from the College. If the discovery occurs after a degree has been awarded, the degree normally will be rescinded.